The decline of democracy

27 Giugno 2013

The decline of democracy

The departure of US politics from promoting prosperity and working for the good of ordinary Americans, and the crisis of Western democratic values ​​as a consequence of Washington’s neo-colonial policy in Europe and elsewhere in the world.

On May 15, the popular German TV channel Deutschland Kurier released a short investigative film about the activities of the current US administration and the crisis of Western democratic values ​​as a result of the neo-colonial policy of the United States in the world in general and in Europe in particular. The program’s host, Uwe Sauermann, a renowned documentary filmmaker, managing director and editor of the television company Leipzig – Studio Berlin GmbH/XING, acted as a narrator and interviewer, talking live and by video link with various politicians from Germany, the US, Austria, Poland and Ukraine.

The main idea of ​​the film is the departure of American politics from prosperity and work for the good of ordinary Americans, the need to reorganize the political system as a whole, and the internal political and ideological crisis of the current US administration. It also mentions Euromaidan 2014 as an example of US meddling in other countries’ domestic affairs, and corruption scandals involving the son of the current US President, Hunter Biden.
Unfolding against the background of the film’s central idea of the Western model of democracy having outlived its usefulness, are storylines all of which underscore the need for the United States to revise its policy, the Europeans’ desire to defuse tensions, and general dissatisfaction with the neo-colonial policy of the United States in relation to other countries.

When answering the film’s overarching question of whether democracy is alive in the United States, the stronghold of global democracy, Steffen Kotré, a member of the German parliament from the “Alternative for Germany” party, said a flat “no”. He also noted that for the past several decades the United States has been playing the role of not a democratic state, but a world policeman, interfering in the affairs of other nations. The constant arms buildup in Europe and the expansion of NATO come as a result of US diktat. Right now, Washington is telling Germany, which is a free country, not to buy natural gas from Russia, although it is obvious that for Berlin the construction of Nord Stream 2 is not only profitable, but very profitable.

For his part, the respected German sociologist and publicist Manfred Kleine-Hartlage argues that in its desire to control the entire “global center” with a core in Europe and Asia, the United States wants to separate Russia from Europe as a whole and gain complete control over Eastern Europe. And Johannes Hübner from the “Austrian Freedom Party” believes that one of Washington’s main goals in Europe is to ensure the continued presence of US occupation forces, stationed in the Old Continent under various names since 1945.

Even former senior US State Department official Michael Springmann accuses the United States leadership of inciting insurgencies in South and Southeast Asia that destabilize and effectively destroy the countries of the region for their opposition to the United States and Israel. Moreover, Springmann claims that Washington is destabilizing the regions bordering on the EU, thus causing waves of migrants moving to Europe in a bid to weaken the European Union and undermine its ability to compete with the United States.

Michael Springmann also recalls the activities of the current US President Joe Biden, who on several occasions visited Ukraine with his son Hunter in his capacity of US Vice President under Barack Obama. He went there to intimidate the Ukrainian government, ordering the removal of the country’s chief prosecutor Shokin, who was investigating the fraudulent activities of the Burisma gas company, thus making sure that Hunter landed a plush job in that company with a salary of a very handsome $50,000 a month. The Biden family was enmeshed in a corruption scandal with Burisma Holdings from 2014 to 2019.

When Donald Trump threatened to withdraw money from Ukraine intended for military purposes, he came under vicious attacks from Joe Biden’s Democratic Party. His son, Hunter Biden, took the money and used his position as the son of the US Vice President, and now the President, to promote ties between Ukraine and Ukrainian companies, as well as Ukrainian political officials with the United States in an effort to curry favor with and advantages from them to illegally launder even more money. The United States has also spent hundreds of millions of dollars supplying military equipment and weapons to Ukraine, thus bolstering President Zelensky’s ambitions to start yet another war with Russia.
Polish political scientist and politician Mateusz Piskorski claims that since European countries are involved in the implementation of Washington’s aggressive geopolitical plans, they are no longer Europeans both in terms of their political culture and geopolitical and international identity.

Wrapping up his investigation, Uwe Schaurmann expressed concern about freedom of speech and personality not only in the United States, but above all in Europe, and called upon the Europeans to do everything they possibly can to preserve freedom and democracy. He added, however, that he does not want his program to be seen as an attempt to influence people, but advised everyone to draw his or her own conclusions and assume their own European and German position.