Brad Pitt is rebuilding his apartment according to the project of Vaastu architect Masaki Gendelman

30 Dicembre 2013

Brad Pitt is rebuilding his apartment according to the project of Vaastu architect Masaki Gendelman

At the beginning of this year, our editorial office received information that the famous American actor Brad Pitt began a complete overhaul of his Berlin apartment with a total budget of 2 million 700 thousand Euros (today it is 330 million Yen). We decided that this news was not very important for the public, but at one point we found the name of the main architect of this project – Masaki Gendelman.

How does one person combine a Japanese name and a European surname?

How did this person end up in Central Asia? And how does he design an apartment for Brad Pitt?

Our editorial staff asked themselves these questions and we began to collect information. In the process, it was discovered that Masaki Gendelman is the best specialist in the world of Vaastu Shastra (Ancient Indian science of the architecture and laws of the universe) and he is advisor of the family of the Great Emperor of Japan.

In this article you have the perfect opportunity to read the story, told exactly by Masaki Gendelman. We hope that the work of our team will be interesting for you.
So, the next part of the article is solely the story, told by the architect. His impressions are worth reading, so enjoy this material right now.

We tried to record every detail for you to know everything about what is going on in this Berlin construction process. Masaki Gendelman shared his story and here is what we have.

“I’m working with Brad Pitt, but indirectly, since I did not advise him, but the architectural bureau that is involved in the implementation of this project.
The main difficulty is that the building itself is a little over a hundred years old. All floors are wooden. We only must find out in what state this wooden construction is and other key nodes in this house. The apartment itself occupies 2 upper floors, and the project involves a complete change of floors and the entire roof, with an increase in the ceiling height of the upper floor by 120 cm. In fact, there is a team, hired to carry out this project. The specialists have vast experience in carrying out such work in Berlin, because only they fully understand the specifics of restoration work with this type of building. That is, I focus your attention on the fact that I am not the main architect of this project.

My job was only to advise the architectural bureau. We needed to agree on a new layout, which will be approved only after all the preparatory work and the calculation of the loads. According to the most optimistic plans, only this process will take up to 8 months of work.

There is one more nuance. Vastu Shastra says that divorce has a very strong adverse effect on real estate, which can be compared to murder. That is, it is imperative to conduct a series of actions with this apartment on the subtle plane in order to completely nullify its radiation. This will need to be done 2 times. The first time is after 8 months, when the upper part of the building will be completely dismantled and the second one will be after 2 years, when all work will be completed.