Simple words. Internet and VPN

30 Dicembre 2013

The Internet was coded in 29 October 1969. In 2010 a group of American scientists held an important experiment. One scientist had to leave in the others for 640 kilometers the real key tried to access a pc which was released when one enters the command “LOGIN “.On the earliest make an attempt to connect failed if you want the network broke down, for “LO” reached the computer. However in the second attempt still succeeded get remote access. This date is considered as the official day’s creation the Internet. For 20 years the Internet is the introduction of a small grouping of scientists who may have not admit it. Why? They couldn’t find a reasonable use. Only in 90-ies of XX century the Internet began to actively develop! The bandwidth was very small ever since the electronic network was lacking its own channel of internet data transmission. In those days television and radio wave repeaters were used. The Internet was extremely slow.

The Internet today

That is a new century. The Internet is now a fundamental portion of everyday life. For many people the Internet has developed into window of expertise and communication. On account of the World-Wide Web can easily establish contacts with folks, distance between which countless kilometers. You can even call astronauts who it is due to Earth orbit. Nevertheless the Internet does have it’s downsides. Often with the Internet terrorists who prefer to commit a terrorist attack are conducting a dialogue. Therefore (depending for the country) the Internet could be free or not. Don’t be concerned! In the event you encounter censorship you can always utilize a VPN or proxy.
Recently the most popular is Deeprism. This is a free VPN that was made by civic activist Pavel Grata. This VPN has gotten many positive ratings. You can even utilize the Deeprism Proxy extension for Google Chrome. Each computer linked to the network, assigned an original IP address. By using a VPN , you change IP and look for yourself in another country. So that you can outwit your state.


If to go back to article then i will say: discomfort created an online universe that passes through there is a colossal level of information. Therefore, there is no need to limit it! The free Internet produces a free community. And this will be significant! People want to live in a free world where democracy flourishes!