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30 Dicembre 2013

Wordbrain Solutions And Cheats

In ghost level 7 the letters in the walkthrough are not in the identical place as within the sport. I even have all the words, however can not type the solution. Minotaur degree 14, final words are nice, however first 4 usually are not being accepted. I actually have used so many hints that the phrases are nearly full, but the puzzle is being cussed. Therefore, I can no longer play this game.

  • She gets free hints each time she “likes on FB” but that dowsn’t work for me.
  • Foolishly used up my hints method too early have had none for ages.
  • I bought 10 hints anyway, and it stuffed within the answers and the puzzle is “solved” and but it received’t let us move on.
  • A good friend launched me to Wordbrain I have been beavering through the degrees.
  • Level 14 isn’t possible to solve.
  • Usually handle to find a resolution after a couple of days of revisiting however Whale level 5 has me stumped!!!

Is anybody replying to the questions? I’ve been trying to determine Dinosaur 12 for three weeks. I actually have the word “senior” and the reply key says there ought to be “faucet”. I don’t have the letters for that. I cannot full the puzzle as a result of I cannot get “snail”, “goat” or “left”. It’s too bad as a result of up till now, I’ve enjoyed the sport.

MAG is also including 80 new ranges, new pack names, and new icons for players to make use of. Astronaut level 13 reveals mailbox as 2nd word. My grid is totally different and might’t move on. I actually have been capable of get previous all of those.

WordBrain, Troll 15 my letters don’t match the walkthrough, hints, etc. The letters are all somewhere else. I have figured out all of the words but can’t full. Wordbrain 1 Goblin stage 14, the answers and the sport don’t match each other. I am on Raven 20 and my grid and your grid don’t look the same. Lots of the letters aren’t in the same order. I’ve obtained all of the words however can’t make them fit.

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Enter the letters out of your grid into the search box, the order doesn’t matter, then click on go! You can optionally choose the letter size. Just try out our Crossword Solver. Here you are positive to find the right clues to resolve the crossword. » Crossword Solver « We offer free help for word riddles and quiz questions. Our Crossword Help searches for more than 43,500 questions and 179,000 solutions that will help you remedy your game.


It has tons of of ranges so that you can attempt. As the sport progresses it becomes tougher, and that’s where incomes hints for the sport will come in word-brain.site handy. The gameplay mechanic is predicated on finding one or a number of specific words on a puzzle grid and swiping over the scrambled letters to see phrases collapse.

“***has Reached N°1 Among Word Video Games In Sixty Five Countries ***

Alien degree four is not solvable for me. In the cheats, the first line is completely different from my puzzle. Same words but letters usually are not possible to connect. My game on my cellphone isn’t responding….

If any match, then find paths from RF. These folks aren’t content with telling me that listed here are some suggestions for improving my touchdown pages. Of course, by talking to ‘you’ in your web site you danger being presumptuous. You threat telling people who they are or what to assume (a topic I’ll tackle one other time).

It is impossible to swipe suitcase, airplane and or suitcase, given how the letters are positioned. In Wordbrain 2 Word Oracle the record on here has the theme Colors however my sport has the theme Transport and I am stuck on stage 1. Are you going to bring again the hints for the degrees? I haven’t been capable of finding one other website that gives that and I like that so much higher than the straight answer list. I actually have been caught on Doctor, Level 2.